Thursday, March 14, 2013

Signs of Spring in Beijing

Yes, even Beijing gets spring – a brief, sandstormy, season that sometimes means an improvement in air quality and the chance to be outdoors. Washington, D.C. and Kyoto might have cherry blossoms, but we’ve got signs of spring here too. (Revised with items I forgot -- thanks Joanna!)
1.      The spit no longer freezes on the sidewalks, melting into tiny glistening puddles that almost sparkle in the sunlight.
2.      The mannequins in the windows of the sex shops show more of their alabaster skin through their peekaboo negligees.
3.      The gardeners inside Seasons Park trim the trees and bushes to within an inch of their lives.
4.   The ayi decides to pack all your boots away inside the closet
5.      The Advent calendars with stale milk chocolate inside are finally on sale for 10 RMB at Jenny Lou’s.
6.      The local dive bars are hiring (but only if you’re a foreigner).

7.      The smell of chuanr, grilled meats, fills the air in the evenings from stands that pop up everywhere with their ubiquitous neon signs.

8.      Round baby bottoms start to peak out from their split pants.

9. The heat is turned off inside the apartments on March 15.


  1. Don't forget - the ayi puts away your boots and the government turns off your heat!!

  2. about the bicycles that are used on the ice.....where are they.??