Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Do When Editors Don't Get Back to Me

1. I update my blog so that it's now connected to Google+, which I'm TOLD makes it easier for folks to make comments. Ahem.
2. I read one friend's blogs -- all ten of them -- and feel unproductive.
3. I wait for the AC repairman to come...again. After he fixes the system, he tells me in rapid Chinese something, which could have been one of the following messages: a) open all your windows because it's only 93 degrees outside today and you shouldn't be using the AC; b) the AC might feel cold but it's actually not fixed; c) I'm a political prisoner and I want to ask your country for asylum (okay, maybe the heat is getting to me).
4. I check out Facebook, seeing the usual gorgeous sunsets, baseball games, exotic beaches, icy drinks, and fun everybody is having.
5. I try to think of something clever to say about the fact that while most of my family will be spending the Fourth of July by a pristine lake in Maine, I will be running in the Genghis Khan Grasslands Marathon in Inner Mongolia, which is pretty much the same thing.
6. I send emails to editors on the ruse that my Internet has been acting up, so maybe THAT'S why they haven't gotten back to me. Silence.

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  1. Here's my comment - you are a treasure.