Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmastime Is Here Too

Of course there is a lot less evidence of the whole Christmas spirit here in China -- and I'm not even talking about the attempt to kick out half of my journalist friends or the near-death experiences I face each day I try to cross the street -- but I can report that there is some sign of the holidays here.

Just don't expect it to be, well, the usual. In front of Bob's office building is a giant spring green unicorn creature with a Christmas tree where the horn normally would be. The other day I saw an entire Christmas tree made of white and purple hearts. Because you know nothing says Christmas like a purple heart.

And here are a few other gems I've collected over the last week or so. Be warned: this could wring the Christmas spirit right out of you. Ho, ho, ho.
Okay, you can have a creche, but it has to have a silver tree with purple ornaments too. Mary wanted that.
Another winning combo: tree plus windmill. Because, China.
Lonely tree in the basement floor of a mall.
Silver tree wrapped with ugly red and blue fence.
So cozy, so welcoming.
CD tree, courtesy Mengfei
And finally, the perfect Christmas gift: a real stuffed dog. Imagine finding that under your tree Christmas morning, kiddos.
And a bit of cuteness, the possibly saccharine kind, but better than stuffed dogs.

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