Thursday, September 25, 2014

Derek Jeter

I'm sitting here in my parents' family room, watching the Yankees and Derek Jeter, just like the old days.

But it's not my parents' family room any more. It's my mother's family room and it's the last few days of playing for the Yankees star.

And even though this room was my father's favorite spot in the house, and the place where his life ended during a Yankees game in 2010, his memory is fainter after four years.

Before he died, I spent many hours in this room with my father watching the Yankees. "Love that Jeter," he would say, as we would watch his quirks, his tics, his Mona Lisa smile when he would get on base. I think what my father liked about Jeter were the same kind of characteristics he aimed for himself. "He keeps his emotions in check," the sportscasters said of him.

And now Jeter has played his last game in Yankees Stadium, and he ended with a Jeter classic: a walk-off base hit to win to the game. I watched the beginning of the game with some of my oldest friends in Athens' hipster brew pub, and watched the last two innings with my mother, both of us sniffling and laughing at the same time.

I wanted to say more about this, but for once in my life, the words just aren't there.

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