Friday, October 31, 2014

One Last China-versary

Today is November 1. Three years ago today we arrived in Beijing, so this is what we call our China-versary.

It's been a wild ride. I never imagined I'd be racing a dragon boat in Wushi, or scrambling up a cliff in El Nido, or standing amidst the exploding fireworks on Chinese New Year, hoping that my leg wouldn't be blown off. We've had a great time here, exploring this love-hate relationship with China with so many wonderful friends.

I'll ponder more of this later on. But for now, we're still here. Smudge is cozy on the couch (thanks to the space heater). Bob is out jogging because the air went overnight from "very unhealthy" to "good." We're about to say goodbye to more friends today, and I've been randomly crying for weeks now. But you all know that about me.
Apple picking outside Beijing.
Reporting for a story. Really.
Family time inside the hutongs.
Winning yet another bowling trophy.
Freezing in Harbin.
Hanging out on the Great Wall.
Hiking with a special plant in Yunnan.
Playing with fire in Shangrila.
Hiking without falling (mostly).

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