Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homeward Bound

Just as the new apartment is completely set up and the cat is somewhat settled, I’m heading off to the States for Christmas. In some ways, it feels too soon to be going home since I didn’t get here until the end of Halloween. In other ways, though, I’m very much looking forward to:

  • an Internet that actually works
  • snack foods that don’t taste like shrimp or seaweed
  • seeing the family that didn’t decamp to China
  • hanging out with friends
  • drinking good wine
  • directions all in English
  • ravioli, cavatelli, and my sister’s braciole.

I’m also actually looking forward to the 13-hour plane ride since it will be the first real down time I’ve had in months. That might sound odd to folks who tell me they could never travel that long in the economy seats, but I figure it’s like this: I won’t be lugging a terrified cat, I won’t be feeling any deadline pressure, and I’ve got a well-stocked Kindle and iPad. Maybe my expectations have diminished somewhat – thinking in particular of just how excited I was to buy a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate in April Gourmet – but that just makes me appreciate everything a little bit more.

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