Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two If By Sea

We got our sea shipment on Monday and it was a glorious moment. There were my boots, my potholders, my comforter for my bed, my dining room table. It was like a reunion of old friends and the only moment that caught my heartstrings was when one of the movers pulled out a picture of my parents.

I also learned a little something about my priorities: I spent much of the day organizing my kitchen. I thought I might be diving into my box of boots, but instead I was figuring out where the enormous quantity of bakeware, serving platters, dishes, and spices should all go. I can’t even express how happy I am to see my curry powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, parsley.  I could probably find most of this stuff in Beijing but it would be a matter of sniffing and guessing.

Our apartment is lovely, even if the bed turned out to be kind-sized, which means our sheets don’t fit, and there’s a really bad smell coming from Joanna’s bathroom. These are small matters. What’s great is that our new sectional sofa looks custom-matched to our rug, and the Asian-themed coffee table that Bob’s parents had made back in the 1960s fits very well with the rest of the furniture.

We’re closer to the ground floor on floor 3, but we look out onto a play area that has tiled walls that remind me of Barcelona, and is surrounded by trees.

We also laughed at some of the decisions we made back in August. We didn’t need blankets for the beds, apparently, but we have enough yarmulkes for a country-wide Passover.

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  1. Oh I remember the utter bliss of receiving our sea shipment when we lived in Tianjin! Glad you're settling in so well. Xin nian kwai le!