Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Google Translates

I shouldn't complain because it's a free service that works instantly if imperfectly, but I wanted to share a correspondence I had recently. I had been told the woman understands English. She does, but doesn't write English. So here's the response I got to an email, and then the translation of that offered by dear Google. Not sure just what she means by a "letter children," but I guess it's "all the better." This is far more useful than the menu offered in the "Chinese Folk's" restaurant we tried last night, where the items included "Students Love the Mutto" and "Hot Pot When." When what? We never learned. But here's today's correspondence:




I would like to interview outline will not have to improvise, but the older,
The memory is not accurate. Maybe I can find her chronology to give you.
So that you understand the information about her life
The time and place.
Day, given by you in advance to give me a letter children. For now, all the better,
No special arrangements.

Greetings to you and your family!

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