Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Yunnan Numbers Game

Yunnan adventures

Our trip to the western reaches of Yunnan, near the border with Burma, has been quite the adventure. I have a lot to say, but it might be best summed up with a list.
Number of soft beds slept in: zero.
Number of wolves seen: one.
Number of meals made with bark: one.
Bottles of Yunnan red wine consumed: one.
Number of conversations with a 93-year-old Tibetan woman: one.
Number of ribs broken by Bob: two.
Mountains climbed: two.
Meals with rubin, Yunnan's fried goat cheese: three.
Number of times Frank described a dish as healthy, if not tasty: four.
Times I was sure our car was going head-on into another car: four.
Times we stepped across beautiful mountain streams: five.
Number of blood-sucking leeches pulled from our bodies: five.
Approximate number of times I won at mahjong: six.
Hours Bob had to hike downhill with broken ribs: six.
Cups of tea consumed in a single day: seven.
Number of quasi-wild monkeys spotted on one mountain hike: eight.
Buddhist temples visited: nine.
Ethnic minorities we met: ten.
Meals with wild mountain vegetables consumed: eleven.
Hours of hiking in a single day: twelve.
Number of times I only partially understood a conversation in Chinese: thirteen.
Number of times I swore when playing mahjong: fourteen.
Number of bottles of Dali beer I consumed: fifteen.
Number of delicious memorable meals consumed: sixteen.
Total number of mangoes eaten: seventeen.
Final top score for my win at Fruit Ninja: 469.
Meter height of the Gaoligong mountain range we climbed: 3,000.

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