Monday, June 3, 2013

Photos from Yunnan

Despite a few mishaps, we had a lovely trip to western Yunnan. Here are a few photos gathered over the week.
One of my favorite towns was the ancient trading village of Shaxi.
More views of Shaxi.
Early on in the big hike, I was still able to take photos and marvel at the beauty around us.
Still marveling...
And suddenly, the next pictures show us at the hospital on the next day, sitting on the laowai bench. What are we waiting for?
We're waiting for X-rays. Here, Bob's ribs get an expert examination from a very relaxed doctor, Frank, and our driver Mr. Ji, all of them eager to weigh in on whether and how many of Bob's ribs were broken. 
After a day at the Tengchong People's Hospital and some other sightseeing, we relax with a delicious Yunnanese meal. Frank skips the fish head but does go for bamboo shoots, deep-fried flowers, and wild mountain mushrooms. Everyone can weigh in at the hospital, but at the restaurant, it's Frank's show.
We visit more ancient trading towns.
We shop for tie-dyed fabric.
All in all, it was enlightening, exhausting, exhilarating, exciting, and very very Chinese.

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