Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Birthday, a Wedding, and Those Peacock Shoes

It was yet another lovely trip home. I always end these visits feeling warmed by the extent to which friends and family go out of their way to drive me around, pick me up, make meals and teas, have drinks, go shopping, and put me up in their homes. I will be forever indebted.

And once again, I won't be able to go into the details. What I will remember most is the laughter. Here's a very limited photo description of my two weeks. I didn't always remember to take pictures, so I didn't capture things like the lovely dinner at my cousin Kim's house, the umpteenth girls' night out, my lucky chance to have one-on-one walks, dinners, and coffees with friends. But here's a small sampling.
My first morning home: such an all-American sight.
I met my mom's new buddy, Landon.
Mom blows out the candles on her birthday cake.
I swear I didn't realize they were re-lighting candles.
Lori and I took Mom to the Culinary Institute of America for her birthday. 
Jogging in Athens usually involves a deer crossing or two.
And a beautiful riverscape.
One of the many fun dinners, this one with Carol, Pam, and Jo.
I found the perfect shoes to wear to Will and Chip's wedding. Thank you, Joanna.

Today, back in Beijing, I made a number of stupid mistakes that I blame on jet lag and bad bad air. But even so, I'm happy to be here again, at least for now.

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