Monday, March 31, 2014

Ranting, Ranted, Rantable

These are the things I will never take for granted ever again.
1. The ability to send off an email without the system showing me a little circle going round and round, loading, loading.
2. The ability to chug down water at the tap when I brush my teeth.
3. Seeing blue skies.
4. The ability to go to a market, buy whatever suits my fancy, and never have to worry about whether I'm about to put poison in my body.
5. The ability to cross the street with a walk sign, knowing that cars won't try to run you down.
6. The freedom to heat my house on March 29 if it's chilly outside.
7. The ability to spend an afternoon watching cute kitten videos on Facebook without anything freezing up.
8. The ability to take online tests that tell me: what age I really am, what city I should really live in (note: Beijing is never on these lists), what career I should have had (writer! really?), and the five signs that tell you your marriage is over (news flash: it's all good. Although if a certain spouse butt-dials me again today, I may have to update this item.).
9. The ability to go jogging without imagining horrible little carcinogens lodging in my lungs.
10. Clothes dryers that actually fluff the clothes and not make them into a wrinkled, hardened mass.
11. Dishwashers, the automated kind.

I do realize that when I move back to the U.S., I'm going to be annoyed at things like Conscious Uncoupling, tourists on the escalators, an inch of snow in March, and automated calls asking me if I want to sign up for a timeshare in Tulum. But you know what? Right now, all that looks pretty good to me.

And that's my rant for the day. 


  1. Hang in there or better yet take leave and come explore Atlanta :)
    I can totally sympathize with your rant...having lived in a foreign country and not an exotic one ...only then can you truly understand.

  2. Thanks Wendi! Having one of those weeks.....