Friday, June 13, 2014

Two of My Favorite Things

This week in China brought me two of my favorite things ever: a new baby in our Beijing "family," and yet another visit to the Great Wall. And we've also got Daniel here for the summer, plus a run of good air (which I've now jinxed), and lots of fun things on the horizon.

I'll stick to a photo essay today to illustrate the week a bit.
Leah waits for her baby sister's arrival.
Daniel and I meet sweet Naomi.
Is there anything better than holding a newborn?
Once more to the Wall.
The spring rains have made the land green.
Marcio and Maxie take in the scene.
Two of my favorites are moving. Happy trails, Rose and Yutta!
Hard to believe, but this is even more stunning than it looks in a photo.

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