Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What I'll Be Able to Put on My Resume

When I return home from China, I'm going to be incorporating a few new skills into my updated resume:

1. The ability to research an article even as Google is blocked. Today, for instance, I can write on my blog, look at Facebook, and send gmail, but Google searches give me a blank stare. Why? Who knows?

2. The ability to understand what it means when you send an email to a Chinese person and you get back this response: 我已收到你的来信会尽快回复你,谢谢。

3. The knack for finding locations that are not marked, using a mixture of Chinese and simple English, in enough time to conduct an interview. Or to hire people who can help you do that.

4. The patience not to get discouraged when editors ignore me and people who appear to be good sources suddenly decide that it's not in their best interests to talk to a reporter.

5. The imagination to figure out how a conversation with a friend or a trip out of town might just lead to a good story.

6. The talent for creating a good article out of an interview conducted in English so garbled it wasn't entirely clear it actually was in English. Here's one quote from a recent interview:
"Because you know another work from Magritte, the idea is also from that book, so after Magritte finished his work, which was so famous. Because my work is connecting with Magritte, somebody think so, and the master gallery from France, the master gallery, they sell Picasso, Magritte, modern art, but they moved to Hong Kong opened a new space for contemporary art. So I just asked the owner, Eduoard Malinggue, why – I did an exhibition in New York at an art gallery, why in Hong Kong? So we had to find some special thing, that can give us the reason."

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