Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today's Adventures

After such a successful trip to Walmart, I should have known the coffeemaker might be a little too cheap to actually, you know, work. I now see why:

The good news here is that I'm getting pretty adept at work-arounds, so I have had my coffee today. It's even possible I may have over-caffeinated. I'm talking a lot to the cat, who is keeping my company in the UNHEATED living room. (Yep, over-caffeinated).

Smudge, at least, is calm:
 (Note to those who don't know Smudge: This is calm.)
Tonight's adventure is my first freelance gig: covering an opening of a Chanel exhibit for Women's Wear Daily. Because, obviously, when you think of Chanel and WWD, you think of me.

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