Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"You Are Very Very Kind"

Here’s the lesson from yesterday. When a man comes to the apartment to tell Joanna that “the electricity will be off from 2 to 4 p.m.,” what that really means is, “the electricity will be on but the internet connection for all laptops will be off all day.” Oh. I’ll have to remember that next time.

The saga of the family who turned us down for an apartment because of Smudge continues. Here’s part of the email we received from the woman’s daughter yesterday:

Good morning Bob,
I feel very sorry for the renting house yesterday. Your wife fetched the money from our room yesterday, but i was not there at that time. My mom's English is very limited and she told your wife that she is your friend.
I would like to say I also would like to be you and your wife's friend. And I would like to assist you and your family in China both on renting house and other things that you may need. Like go to somewhere or how to use some appliance...

I know this thing is not very nice to you. You went to outside to withdraw the cash and ran back.... We saw, we were moved so we feel upset and very sorry because we did not reach the contract finally. If you trust me and if you allow, I would like to do something that you need as a kind of compensation.If you need me currently, please let me know. If you will need my help someday, please feel free to contact me. I like you and your wife, you are very very kind and I also like cats. I hope I can be your friend. My place is nor far from seasons park, it is very convenient to come over for your need. No problem.I will feel less guilty if I can do something for you and your family.

For anything that you may need, related to seasons park or unrelated to it. I would like to be there.
Best wishes to you and your wife.(Please let her know my letter, because I don't have her email address. Thank you! )
Have a good day!

So maybe we did make some friends after all. Huh. 

And later in the day, another email:
Dear Bruno,
It is very nice to become friends with you and your family:)
I felt bad because I felt sorry for you and Bob. He is maybe around 70years(maybe much more younger), in order to sign the contract, he ran to withdraw the money. But we did not reach the agreement. I feel very sorry for him. And we have the feeling that you and Bob are very kind people, well educated. We don't have any doubt for that.

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  1. Ohhh, so sweet, and laugh out loud funny, especially the part about Bob being 70 :-0