Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creating a New Tradition

As fireworks continued through the day, Bob and Daniel discussed Mao in the living room, and Beijing sounded more and more like a war zone, Joanna and I decided to create our own tradition for the Chinese new year: chocolate chip dragon cookies.

As assistant art director for this project, I was in charge of the conversions: setting the hand mixer up with the electric converter, figuring out the temperature on the stove in celcius, figuring out what "two sticks of butter" means, and deciding if two small Chinese eggs would be enough. We had a few glitches with the ginger-flavored brown sugar. Apparently, hard brown sugar is a global problem. Either that or my brown sugar karma has followed me to Beijing.

It mainly worked. The only casualty was a mixing spoon, which succumbed to the rather stiff batter.

But the art director on this project was insistent that we think of a way to honor the year of the dragon.

We shaped them like a dragon tail with a head that used a tiny piece of our Christmas peppermint pig (yay, blending of traditions!) as the tounge.
The result was pretty nifty. And they tasted pretty good too.

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