Monday, March 5, 2012

So, What's New?

Dear friends who are not in China:
I’ve noticed a pattern recently, as I check in with friends I haven’t heard from in a while, not from email, nor Facebook, nor Twitter. You tell me, “Oh, I’m up to date on your life. I keep up with your blog.”

That’s wonderful. I’m always amazed at the number of shadow readers I have out there, and it makes me feel as if there’s an audience for my descriptions of life in China.

But the problem is that the blog is kind of a one-way communication. Yes, there are the loyal friends who Skype, post comments, or send emails regularly, but most of you seem to read the blog, smile, and go about your business.

So, what’s new with you? Who’s writing books? Where are people going on vacation? Who’s switching jobs? How are your kids? What’s the weather been like? WHAT AM I MISSING?

Just wondering.


  1. In a nutshell, here is what is going on. Work is good except Congress keeps trying to shutdown my company. Home is good except the roof of leaking in the bedroom. The dogs are good except they keep tracking mud in the house. I'm planning on taking my mother to the Philadephia Flower Show, which requires her to call, e-mail and text me at least 25 times in the 3 preceeding days. My husband is good. He calls me every day to complain about other drivers. Did he think that would happen when he became a charter bus driver? In short....any day above the ground is a good day for me!!

  2. Well... I asked Shira to marry me - and more importantly, she said yes! I'll email you photos and whatnot.

  3. Now that's exciting! Mazel tov to Eli and Shira!!!!

  4. I totally know what you mean!!! Very few people wrote us when we were traveling. It's like, "Yes, I do care what you're doing. The same as I did when I was in the states!"
    I love reading your blog. Sorry that Vietnam wasn't as awesome for you as it was for us. Maybe Cambodia next?
    As for our update - I'm unemployed looking for jobs, Matt is underemployed thanks to Roll Call and other random freelance stuff. Otherwise, CA is awesome.
    Take care!