Monday, March 26, 2012

This is a Place With Jambience

Our mailbox had a flyer today from the Haisheng Restaurant, which is the club restaurant on the grounds of Seasons Park where we live. The club, as described in the flyer, “is a comprehensive service site withhing-end meals, body building, swimming and SPA, children’s playground and exhibition hall ingold positions.” In addition, “it has a pleasant and quite Jambience with a widevision,” says the flyer.

To whet your appetite, some of the restaurant’s signature dishes are listed. There’s “fried seaweed algae,” “marinated large Yeh,” “salad of red wine” (for the record, my favorite kind of salad), “Chrysanthemum fresh fungus,” “dry pot bacteria” (hungry yet?), and Joanna’s personal favorite, “authentic pretenders.”

“They’re authentically pretending to have a decent restaurant,” she said, referring to the one unhappy meal the three of us had at Haisheng. It was overpriced, slow, and not very good, all things that rarely happen in China. Most of the food here is cheap, fast, and good. 

Some people might think that making fun of the listings in Chinglish on menus is like shooting fish in a barrel. I tend to think of it as shooting the “Lake Organic big head” in a barrel. The description: “Lake of wild big head, a head of the king’s reputation, Growth in natural waters in the Lake, Eight to ten years to catch, nutritious, organic food is a rare, exclusive restaurant has the right to operate, innovation in the restaurant under Chef Xia Yuliang, widely praised by customers.”

Kind of says it all, in a widevision kind of way.

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  1. That is SO funny. I am sitting here just cracking up! We have our own zany Hinglish counterparts. Ready for a face-off? Although maybe there's no need. You guys would win it, hands down!