Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breathing Lessons

Most of the world has now heard about Beijing's weekend of hazardous air. It's a gray and gloomy haze that makes it seem, at 11 in the morning, as if the day is ending, or never really began. Which is not that far from the truth.

I spent too much time outdoors yesterday, walking to Sanyuanli market and back, and today I woke up with a throat so sore I could barely swallow. I'm tired. I'm sick of feeling trapped indoors. I miss the blue sky.

Our solution is to plan our various escapes. Next weekend is Harbin, bitter cold but with magnificent ice sculptures. Then four days in Bangkok. Soon after that we head off to the Phillipines for some beach time. We've just sketched out a cool Yunnan/Tibetan region spring trip with Frank, our amazing link to southwest China. We've got the Ghenghis Khan race in Inner Mongolia in July. And just last night we decided that a trip to Burma in the fall would be just the ticket. And for me I've got several more trips home, one in April and one in August. I'll try to catch my breath, literally, in all those places.

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  1. Oh Deb, we have been worried about you guys with this horrible change of air quality. We actually worry about your air all the time, but this was a particularly horrible situation. Sorry about the sore throat! We miss you guys. BTW, your article about obesity in China TOTALLY ROCKED!!! Well researched and beautifully written. You are writing profusely since you have been in Chine, no? Love to all you Bruno-Davis's. Suz and Bruce