Saturday, May 11, 2013

How Not to Throw a Party

1. Send all of your guests a reminder of the party, but put the wrong apartment number on the email, forcing guests to wander around building 22 carrying casserole dishes and knocking on the wrong doors.
2. Overload the frig with beer and wine so that when your husband opens the door to get something, a full bottle of white comes crashing out to the floor, flooding the kitchen floor with white wine and shards of glass, and forcing the first dozen guests to stand awkwardly around as you rush to mop it up.

Seriously, though, last night's Seasons Park party turned out to be fun, with an international group: American, Chinese, Dutch, Singaporean, Finnish, Swedish, South African. No one stepped on broken glass, the neighbors didn't complain about the noise, and everyone had fun, except maybe Smudge.

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