Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why My Bowling Was So So Bad Last Night

I have excuses. Pick one.
1. I was tired.
2. My shoes were too tight, and my feet were sweaty.
3. My ball was too light.
4. My second ball was too heavy. Is it too much to ask that someone makes a 9.5-pound ball?
5. The bowlers in the lane next to us didn't know what they were doing and kept drifting over to our side, causing a distraction.
6. It was too hot in the bowling alley.
7. I wasn't drinking beer.
8. My knee felt funny.
9. The air pollution outside was getting worse.
10. There were too many bowlers, so that the wait for my turn was long enough to cause me to lose momentum.
11. This game really mattered, which created undue pressure.
12. People were watching me bowl.
13. Bob was doing really well, creating more pressure for me to step up my game.
14. Jim kept talking.
15. I was standing in the wrong place.
16. I was watching the pins, instead of the arrows on the lane.
17. I was staring so much at the arrows I forgot to look at the pins.
18. My shoes were so old I kept slipping.
19. I'm too old for this.
20. China.

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